Exclusive Recorded Masterclass with Jena Castro-Casbon, MS CCC-SLP of The Independent Clinician
Private Practice Marketing Masterclass ($97 Value!) 
How to Get More Clients For Your Private Practice 
(Even If You're Terrible At Marketing)
Whether You Have 
an Established Private Practice and Need Some Help with Marketing OR You're Just Beginning and 
Don't Know Where to Start, This Training Is For You
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Jena / The Independent Clinician Has Been Seen On:
The Best Way to Start 
(or Fix) Your Marketing
Learn How to Identify The Problems 
in Your Marketing Efforts - So That 
You Know How to Fix Them
Build Word of Mouth Referrals The Easy Way
Learn How to Build Word of Mouth Marketing - Even If No One Is 
Talking About You Yet
Learn The Best (Free) Ways to Reach Clients
Figure Out Marketing Strategies Are Worth Spending Your Precious Time and Money On (and Which to Stop Doing)
Feedback on the Presentation:
Gaby G., Speech-Language Pathologist
Fort Worth, TX 
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